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Our STORY: About Us

Our Story

Behind the Scenes

Saint Matthew Catholic Church was founded in 1944 by Glenmary Missioners with the hope of creating a home for local parishioners and an openness for college students at the Georgia Southern campus. Saint Matthew relocated in 1986 to a property right next to the campus after outgrowing their original location. The new address off Gentilly Road was also a benefit in expanding the campus ministry program for a rapidly growing Georgia Southern University. 

Student ministry has always been encouraged throughout the history of Saint Matthew. The parish has formed several students from the surrounding colleges in the area. Our student ministry hit a drastic change in 2010 when we became the home of FOCUS missionaries. As evangelization efforts were set in motion, it was apparent just how many students were craving the love of their Heavenly Father without knowing how they could satisfy their need for MORE. 


Catholic Eagles was officially branded at Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus in August of 2016. The program is founded upon a dedication to the sacraments, faith formation, and fellowship. We live out the new evangelization by creating many opportunities for students to encounter the love of Jesus Christ through encountering the sacraments, forming their faith to live as disciples of Christ, and sending them out to spread the good news of the Gospel to wherever our students may go after they graduate. Our ministry has proudly aided in many conversions, vocations, and countless changed lives!

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