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Catholic Eagles


The Catholic Eagles is a Georgia Southern University  student organization dedicated to Campus Ministry in Statesboro, Georgia.

We are dedicated to the community and sharing the good news of Jesus to all the students of Georgia Southern University. As a student organization, we invite you to find a place among other catholic GSU students. 

Every day, you will have friends with whom you can pray. Throughout the semester you will experience daily prayer, retreat opportunities, conferences, parties, and social outings. 

You are invited to share in the beauty of Jesus Christ through the Sacraments, fellowship, and formation with the Catholic Eagles; a home away from home.

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See what Catholic Eagles has to offer for you! Enjoy our weekly gatherings, canoe and camping trips, daily prayer, or pickup sports games. Have fun and meet new friends while you're here at GSU!

Join a bible study

Join one of the dozens of fruitful bible studies and be a part of the over 150 students who learn more about themselves and the gospel every week!


Catholic Eagles is a self-funded campus ministry. Become a program contributor and support our college students succeed in their faith. Proceeds are used to grow our community through the Sacraments, fellowship, and formation.


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Abby Sullivan

"My husband and I could write a book on the impact that Catholic Eagles has had on our lives. But the best way we can summarize our experience is that we came out of college holier than we entered it. God is truly moving in Catholic Eagles. Michael and I are just one story of how Catholic Eagles has changed lives and even then the effects are continuing to unfold."

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